The Movement

Kings Cru is a young elevating music group out of California inspired by the 4 elements of Hip Hop: MCing, DJing, dance, and graffiti which can be found through out their musical movement. Consisting of 3 MC's who devote themselves to bringing truth, fun, and love back into the game. The artists Mac, JuJu, and Gzus who met during high school through free styling and graffiti shared a common goal in bringing real hip hop back to the youth; thus the birth of KC. Through their art they hope to reach our generation an inspire them to be great and change the world, which we can!

Upcoming XCi Mixtape
Latest work from MacSolom! Keep updated on single leaks and the release date! Download all the mixtapes at and and stay tuned for music videos! Click here for latest music!

Newest mixtape from JuJu! Great features from Mac, Gzus, and Joey Riemz! Download soon at or pick a hard copy here! Be on the lookout for latest projects and the KingsCru album!